PleaseDoNotRobFish  Please, Do Not Rob Fish

No really. Don't do it.

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Little Gif, Screenshot and other content management/uploader app for myself. Tries to make a nice interface for sharing content privately and being able to retrospectively find content as well as annotate/tag it.



asdf local 2.7.0

You'll also want to ensure that the settings in config/ are to your liking.

Finally use the user tool to make youself a new user:

./bin/app user create --help


An IRB shell is available with the environment loaded up via:

./bin/app console

Debuggers, via the break gem, can be dropped in with:


Additionally the project is configured with Zeitwerk for auto-loading and reloading of code in development, the only time you should have to manually restart the server is when changing env.rb, or config/<environment>.yml.

Generators can be ran with bin/app generate and there are additional tools available to explore if you run bin/app.


Assets are bundled with Vite and integrated with ruby via Ruby-Vite.

For easy scripting, Alpine.js is provided.

There is a Tailwind CSS setup for styling that is backed by some additional PostCSS plugins, check out postcss.config.js for what plugins are active. Make style changes to the css files in app/frontend/css/ and then run the bin/vite dev npm script to watch things:

bin/vite dev

When it looks good, run the production build to get things smaller:

bin/vite build

Release Prep

At the least these two commands should be ran and pass:


bundle exec rubocop -A

Tests, with coverage:

bundle exec rake

Optionally, but good to test if changing something in lib/ that should be documented:

bundle exec rake rdoc